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 Named the "Pearl of Transylvania", Tusnad is one of the most beautiful resorts in our countr. Baile Tusnad spa activity takes place since the mid-nineteenth century. Tusnad Baths are located in the southern part of Ciuc Depression, at 650 m altitude, between the mountains Bodoc and Harghita, in a stunning gorge of the river Olt. The geographic position in the area gives a particularly beautiful frame, fresh and clean air, rich in aerosols and negative ions that make a tonic mountain climate favorable to psichical relaxation.

About the mineral waters in Tusnad, written evidence since the eighteenth century, mentions the existence of mineral springs with curative effects used by the inhabitants of the nearby villages.
Here we meet mofettes (carbon dioxide), representing natural emanations of carbon dioxide dry gas. The Mofettes are related to volcanism in the Eastern Carpathians and they are a unique phenomenon in the world, used in the spa cure.
The mineral springs:  Stanescu, Apor and Mikes (carbonated mineral water, chlorine, sodium, bicarbonate), the mofettes and the subalpine climate are the natural cure factors of Tusnad resort.
In 2009 , in Tusnad it was inaugurated Veres Viz ski slope.

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