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The only concern of travelers - to travel ...
The desire to travel is as old as mankind. It has evolved from the need to feed to the need for relaxation, knowledge, joining business with pleasure. Hence the Demand and Offer have appeared, two elements that blend perfectly and create progress and accomplishments. In short they could be defined as:

Demand: fair price, perfect services, assistence, the posibility to choose, trust, safety, speed, loyalty.

Offer: passion, devote, professionalism, experience, understanding the needs, promptitude, value-added, advices, availability, attention to detail.

The cumulation of demands and offers results in a single partner who understands that the only wish and care  for the passenger is and must remain: "to travel". And so Just Travel was born, from the desire to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements and preferences through services of exceptional quality.


Just Travel means something more…..

Regardless of the complexity of travel, Just Travel provides solutions specifically tailored to your business needs. We are able to provide competitive services globally through personalized local support, understanding your business requirements and adapting them so that they will be consistent with your  travel budgets .

Being continually enhanced and diversified, our offers provide innovative and sometimes unique opportunities to lower costs and ease the implementation of these services with demonstrable results. The costs, the complications and the frustration often encountered by service providers of business travel are removed and have been replaced by a package easy to implement and handle, being provided by an agency that works for you.

Organising a conference for a large number of delegates can be very demanding and time consuming - so why not call the experience and resources of our Event Management team?

We can organize your event:
- Negociating the best rates
- Providing various brochures of destinations
- Organizing an info-trip for viewing the destination before organizing the event
- Confirming the locations of the event on your behalf
- Organizing meetings and greeting and registering at the venue
- Recommending best providers of audio visual equipment, catering, entertainment etc..
- Offering advice on locations for different themes

An additional service offered to our clients is the visa support and, where possible, getting the passports for you. Also, we can offer advice on health requirements for different destinations.

Another suplementary service is tickets delivery to you. To our loyal customers that service is performed free of charge by our company.


Emergency Service:

For emergency situations you can contact us 365 days per year:
Tel: +40 743 00 99 00
Email: office@just-travel.ro

JUST TRAVEL team understood that schedules and deadlines means sometimes booking and amendments outside regular hour of a travel agency.

That is why we developed a program for Emergency Services for such occasions.

Just Travel has invested in its own dedicated team who provide this vital service. We also ensured that our team has automatic access to all of our clients travel bookings, whether it is a company or an individual client.


Holiday Club
All your employees can benefit from services offered by JUST TRAVEL - even if they are not traveling on business.
As part of our partnership with you, we offer a vacation club package for your employees, so that whole your team will enjoy the benefits during holiday travel.
Knowing that your time is precious, we have developed methods to communicate directly vacation offers to your employees without affecting their business trips.
If you want details about this program, just ask about it and we will provide specific solutions according to your requests.