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At the mouth of the great river Danube, after a journey of 2.860 kilometers from the Black Forest Mountains to the Black Sea, you can find a natural paradise, the Delta.Over the centuries, silt carried by the waters contributes to the development of the Delta into a network of chanals, lakes, reed islands, tropical forests, grasslands and sand dunes covering an area of a lmost 5,640 square kilometers.

Being the second largest delta in Europe (after the Volga’s Delta) and the 23rd in the world, the Danube Delta is of particular interest especially for the scholar and but also for tourists, due to beautiful landscapes and many species of plants and animals that inhabit it.This amazing land shelters over 300 species of birds (pelicans, swans, cormorants, eagles, etc.),numerous species of fish, from carp and pike and the royal sturgeon, while among the 1,150 plant species you can find sinuous vines in forests oak and lilies.

The visitor can discover the wildlife sanctuary and can find peace and relaxation here. Life has a unique rhythm in this little paradise. Delta residents form small communities and their fishing villages seem untouched by the passing years.

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